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Interview – Equality in the Past

Goal 5: Gender Equality


Interview an older family member/acquaintance about earlier generations’ experiences of equality – and present it for the rest of the class.


stopwatch2+ hours

circular-line-with-word-age-in-the-center13 – 21 years old

group-of-three-men-standing-side-by-side-hugging-each-otherIndividual or in groups


Learning Objectives

  • – knowledge of Goal 5: Gender Equality
  • – knowledge of knowledge of gender equality in the past
  • – to be able to reflect upon now and then
  • – to make an interview (to pose relevant questions)
  • – to be critically reflective

Behavioural competences

  • Respect


  • Society reflection

Lifelong learning key competences

Social and civic competences


Phone or camera or voice recorder (dictaphone), paper…


The students must prepare the questions well so they fit for their kind of interview.

Useful videos to introduce the goal/theme:


The story of Human Rights (ca. 10 min.)


Gender Equality: Now (3 min)


Gender equality means empowering women and girls(2 min)


Discrimination Against Women


Interview an older family member/acquaintance about earlier generations’ experiences of equality. Make a video or sound recording of no more than 10 minutes (let the interviewee prepare their answers before you start recording). Present it for the rest of the class.

Suggested questions:

When you were young…:

-what did you experience as the biggest difference between the genders?

– Was there anything that women/girls were not allowed to do?

– Have you experienced gender-based discrimination?

– What do you think is the biggest barrier to gender equality today?

Present the interview for the rest of the group/ class

Discussion afterwards

  • What surprised you?
  • Which decade is the interviewed person speaking about? Are there any national or international events, political currents, artistic waves, literary work, etc., which may be related to the things the interviewed person tells?

Make a big timeline on the board / screen. When a student make the presentation, then make a mark on the timeline, which year it concerns – and make few keywords about the situation. In the discussion afterwards insert keywords on events, currents, etc. that took place in the same decade.


Complete the reflection work sheet connected to goal no. 5

The first part of the work sheet is to be completed before class, but the remaining parts are to be used for summing up and evaluating the theme in class.

Followup suggestions

Look at the other exercises connected to goal no. 5 – Gender Equality.

Ideas for actions

”If you are a woman, know your rights and stand up for them”, “Make gender equality part of training and education. Young people should be supported in choosing jobs that advance their future, regardless of their gender”. Read more about the 170 daily actions here: http://www.youneedtoknow.ch/

Further information


Reflection Sheet

Appendix 1 – EqualityinthePast -Questions for interview