Inside a Refugee Camp

Goal 16: Peace, Justice and strong Institutions


Show the UN’s Virtual Reality film, ”Clouds over Sidra”, In order to get the virtual reality experience, the film must be watched with virtual reality- or cardboard glasses. Alternately it can be watched without the glasses and thereby also without the virtual reality experience.

In the film we follow the 12 year old girl, Sidra, who is seeking refuge in Za’atari, a refugee camp in Jordan that is currently housing 84,000 Syrian refugees. The film provides an insight into the daily lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people and an understanding of the need for global solutions.


stopwatch1+ hours

circular-line-with-word-age-in-the-center13 – 21 years old

group-of-three-men-standing-side-by-side-hugging-each-other3 – 6 participants


Learning Objectives
  • – knowledge of Goal 16: Peace, Justice and strong Institutions
  • – to introduce the work of UNCHR
  • – to get an insight in a refugee camp

Behavioural competences

  • To engage in conflict resolution
  • To critically analyse events, actions and information
  • To take personal actions to ensure peaceful and inclusive societies for the benefit of sustainable development


  • To reflect upon the role of local, national and international institutions to ensure peaceful and inclusive societies;
  • To reflect upon causes and consequences of extremism, racism, xenophobia and terrorism
  • To reflect upon the importance of integration and cooperation in ensuring peace

Lifelong learning key competences

Social and civic competencies


Find the film on:

Get hold of some virtual reality- or cardboard glasses. As the film only takes approx. 8 min. you don’t have to get glasses for every student. The can share.

Video suggestions to introduce the goal/theme:

How Does The UN Work? (3:50 min.)

How Effective Is The United Nations? (2:46 min.)

How Powerful Is The United Nations? (2:52 min.)


Discussion Questions – two and two (sum up the activity collectively in the classroom)

  • What was your experience watching Clouds over Sidra?
  • What do you wonder after having watched the movie?
  • What in the film made the biggest impression on you?
  • Why do we need to see what a refugee camp is like?
  • What does the UN do to make sure the refugees do not lose hope?
  • What’s the difference between e.g. UN organized refugee camps, and non-organized camps?

In your opinion, what are the most important things in a refugee camp?


Complete the reflection work sheet connected to goal no. 16

The first part of the work sheet is to be completed before class, but the remaining parts are to be used for summing up and evaluating the theme in class.

Followup suggestions

Look at the other exercises connected to goal no. 16 Peace, Justice and strong Institutions

Ideas for actions

“Make your voice heard and vote in your country’s elections”, “Be passionate about your country’s decisions, and remain peaceful when standing up for what you believe in”. Find more ideas for actions in the: “170 good ideas for daily actions to transform our world” here:

Reflection Sheet