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Let the image talk

All of the Global Goals


Charades with the Global Goals

Can images talk without words? Creative exercise where the students find and make images, which describe each of the 17 global goals without using words. The other students must guess which goal it is – by finding words they associate with the images.


Social Studies

                General Studies


stopwatch+2 hours

circular-line-with-word-age-in-the-center13 – 20 years old

group-of-three-men-standing-side-by-side-hugging-each-other1-3 per group


Learning objectives

  • Knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Reflection on the content of the Goals
  • Knowledge of imagery and its strength
  • Non-verbal communication

Lifelong learning key competences

Social and civic competences


Each group must have one big piece of paper – divided in 9 squares (see printouts). The bigger the better, but it is important that all groups have the same size of paper, so they match each other in the exhibition at the end.


Make the squared paper ready for each group.


Divide the students into groups of 1-3 persons. Hand out a big piece of paper divided into 9 squares (see printout). Also print out a goal and description of it to the group (see printouts). Maybe some groups can take more than one goal, so all of the 17 goals are covered. The groups must not know which goal the other groups have.

The groups read the paper with their goal and discuss it. Then they have to find 8 keywords they find most important for the goal. They now have to either produce or find an image for each of the keywords (photo, collage, painting, drawing etc.) and place/ make it in the 8 first squares. Preferably as many different ways of illustrating it as possible.

It is not allowed use words. The last square (bottom right) is reserved for an image where the goal number, goal name and goal color is a part of the image. The groups have to cover the last square during the work, so the other groups don’t see it along the way.

At the end, each group shows the images one by one without saying words. Use approximately 10 seconds for each image, so the audience can write down a word that they associate with the image. Before revealing the 9th square, the audience says one of the noted words each – and they announce their guess of which of the 17 goals is the correct one, hidden in square no.9.

Make an exhibition of all the posters, to see all the different illustrations of the 17 global goals.

Follow up suggestions

It is also possible to make the exercise by using digital image presentation – only downside to that, is that it will not be possible to make a physical exhibition of the global goals illustrations in the same way.

Class discussion
– What is the background for the SDGs?
– Is it realistic?
– Which one of the goals do you find most important? Why?
– Etc.

Look at the other exercises connected to the SDGs

Print Outs

Reflection Sheet