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Climate Expressions – Reporting to Base

Goal 13: Climate Action


Reporting to Base – Climate Expressions

This is a little race where the students are divided into groups hunting for proper definitions of various climate expressions. 17 items are distributed in the near-by area. The groups go searching for the expressions. The group takes one word at the time – and get back to the base and write the missing word linked to the wright explanation. See Appendix.

unknown-topicGeneral Studies

Earth Sciences



stopwatch+1 hours

circular-line-with-word-age-in-the-center13 – 21 years old

group-of-three-men-standing-side-by-side-hugging-each-other1-4 per group


Learning objectives

  • Knowledge of Goal 13 – Climate Action
  • To introduce the students to some of the climate expressions
  • To have the students collaborate to solve problems

Behavioural competences

Reduce their carbon footprint


What is climate change?
How can you influence climate change?
What are the effects of climate change?
How day-by-by change can be better

Lifelong learning key competences

Social and civic competencies
Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship




The game master/teacher prints appendix 3 for the game master/teacher.
The game master/teacher prints appendix 2 for each group.
The game master/teacher prints appendix 1; cuts out the cards, and distributes them in the nearby area – eg. So they are visible from the base with some form of mark.

Useful videos to introduce the goal/theme:

Climate Action: One World, One Agreement (1 min)

DiCaprio: UN is ‘last best hope of Earth’ to stop ‘impending disaster for all living things’

Our Changing Climate (13 min.)

Why People Don’t Believe In Climate Science


The Game, Step-by-Step
– The participants are divided into group of 2-5 students
– The game master has a base where the teams’ worksheets stay throughout the activity
– The group goes looking for a piece/word (that has been distributed in the area)
– When they find a piece/word, they come back to their home-base (they should remember the word, and should not physically bring it back)
– At the base, they write the word next to the text that it matches
– The game master makes sure that the group stays together at all times, and only bring back one word at a time


Complete the reflection work sheet connected to goal no. 13
The first part of the work sheet is to be completed before class, but the remaining parts are to be used for summing up and evaluating the theme in class.

Follow up suggestions

Look at the other exercises connected to goal no. 13 – Climate Action.

Print Outs

Appendix 1 -Reporting to base – description

Appendix 2 -Reporting to base – teacher’s guide

Appendix 3 -Reporting to base – control points

Appendix 4 -Reporting to base – group