About the Global Responsibility Project

”Global Responsibility Education” is a project funded through the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme, with the aim to mainstream global responsibility education (GRE) in formal and non-formal education.

To make it easier for schools and youth organisations to include GRE in their programmes, the partners have developed the followings:

  1. An Additional Curriculum that sets out learning objectives aligned to a number of specific targets for each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals;
  2. A Method Box that supports the achievement of the learning objectives defined in the additional curriculum.
  3. A Reference Library with additional reading resources on the Sustainable Development Goals from the partner countries;
  4. A Certification System for schools and youth organisations that acknowledges their Global Responsible behaviour.

These resources were developed through a three-year cooperation between the partners. Firstly, a research was conducted to identify gaps and opportunities in national school curricula related to the 17 Goals. Based on the research, the partners have than defined a number of additional learning objectives aligned to specific targets of the 17 Goals. These learning objectives have been comprised in an Additional Curriculum that can be used in the classroom under broader topics of Humanities, Arts and Design, as well as Science. The additional curriculum is  also applicable for use in the non-formal youth sector.

The achievement of the additional learning objectives is supported by the Method-Box, where schools and youth organisations can find related methods and exercises. After being developed, these methods have been tested in the partner countries with the involvement of more than 1500 pupils and young people.

We hope the resources created inspire schools and youth organisations across Europe to make Global Responsibility Education their mission.