What’s in Your Closet?

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production


In this activity, students will explore what they have in their closet – and examine their own generation’s consumption habits.


stopwatch1+ hour

circular-line-with-word-age-in-the-center13 – 21 years old



Learning Objectives
  • – knowledge of Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption Production
  • – knowledge of consumption patterns
  • – knowledge about sustainable consumption
  • – knowledge about the benefits of reuse and recycling

Behavioural competences

  • Innovative on trash/waste as a resource
  • Recycling
  • Responsible consumption


  • What are the consequences of your consumption?

Lifelong learning key competences

Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
Social and civic competencies


Other useful videos to introduce the goal/theme:


Action on (over) consumption (3 min.)


#GlobalGoals 12: Responsible Consumption and Production – Can you make it happen? (1 min.)


Responsible consumption — the soft power of story telling: Guido Palazzo at TEDxLausanne (t-shirt dilemma – 16 min.)


Made in China – Factory of the World – Documentary


What’s in Your Closet?

In this activity, students will explore what they have in their closet – and examine their own generation’s consumption habits.

  • Read the text ”Did you know…” (print out) (translated from: http://sustainable.dk/forbrug-og-baeredygtighed/5-forbrugssamfundets-klimapavirkning/)
  • What is in your closet in terms of clothes and shoes? Make a list where you divide the articles into these categories: second-hand, all new, 6 months old, 1 year old, 2 years old, older.
  • Make a statistics based on your group’s clothes and shoes.
  • Present your results to the class.

Make a debate:

  • What is sustainable consumption?
  • Discuss the necessity of sustainable consumption.
  • Who is responsible for sustainable consumption; politicians, the producers of goods, the individual consumers, etc.?
  • What different agendas can the different political parties have?
  • What conflicts of interests can arise?
  • What would happen if all of us only reused?

How can one be a responsible consumer and still letting the wheels of society run?


Complete the reflection work sheet connected to goal no. 12 The first part of the work sheet is to be completed before class, but the remaining parts are to be used for summing up and evaluating the theme in class.

Followup suggestions

Look at the other exercises connected to goal no. 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

Ideas for actions

“Recycle”, “Buy sustainable products including electronics, toys, shampoo or seafood and organic groceries”. Find more ideas for actions in the: “170 good ideas for daily actions to transform our world” here: http://www.youneedtoknow.ch/

Reflection Sheet

Appendix 1 – Your Closet